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Family Advocacy Center

Family Advocacy Center (FAC) provides support to parents to follow through on their goals that allow them to preserve and reunite their families. There are 30 Family Advocacy Centers (FACs) across the state operated by 25 service providers. FACs maintain a focused, holistic approach that builds on a family’s existing strengths. Spanish Community Center is the only Family Advocacy Center in Will County and Kankakee County. Referrals are accepted from DCFS and private agency staff and community stakeholders. Self-referrals are also accepted.

Our FAC counselors are happy to provide you with following quality services in both English and Spanish

  • Home visits

  • General counseling

  • Referrals to community resources

  • Practical and emotional support during court, doctor, and other visits

  • Follow-up contacts with families

  • English and Spanish parenting classes

Our family engagement activities aims to promote healthy family interactions within the community. We now offering weekly family night events at no cost to encourage communication and participation between children, families, and communities. These events are open to all ages and include reading nights, arts and crafts, games, & more! 


We also offer Pregnancy Classes to expectant and new mothers to educate them on topics such as proper self care, post-birth aftercare, SIDS prevention, and breastfeeding. 

We are proud to introduce a new addition to our FAC Program

Family Engagement Nights and Parenting Classes!

Family Advocacy Center Program Lead

Isolina Herrera 

815-727-3683 ext. 5016

For questions or concerns, please contact our team!

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